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Countering a Mass Shooter Threat 

Texas Defense and Firearm Training, LLC. is now providing a course for churches, businesses and schools about a threat no one wants to hear or see. However, the best way to counter a horrible threat like these is through sharing information, awareness, and building a proactive operational plan to counter this threat. This course is not to change a plan you may already have in place, this course is to bolster awareness and provide additional ideas to improve and guide your operational plan. This course gathered data from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security and dives into what constitutes an active shooter or a mass shooter. Going into the minds and behaviors of those who commit these crimes. In majority of these crimes, the reasons behind these horrific actions were very similar, in fact ever incident was even known by others before the act was carried out. So we address in this course how important it is to act on the tips we are given. Here are just some of the lesson topics in this course:

1. What have we learned about mass shooters?

2. Snapshot of Mass Shootings in the USA.

3. Police Response Times

4. What works and does not work as far as laws and plans

5. Knowing the signs of a mass shooter

6. Creating or improving an Emergency Operations Plan

7. Special considerations for schools

8. Special considerations for houses of worship

9. Do not be an easy victim: Run, Hide or Fight

10. Planning for an armed response

11. Triage and treat the wounded

12. Where do we go from here?

Contact Ted Jagen at 817-797-8244 or email at to enquire about this course. 

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Training Course 

Concealed Carry and Home Defense 

*This class will discuss situation awareness, when you are in the moment of having to use force, what happens before, during and after non-lethal and deadly force is used. What happens when the police come to the scene. The process of the legal system after a use of force. This class is for the very beginner to advanced person who owns a firearm or thinking about purchasing a firearm.

Click Button Below for Concealed Carry and Home Defense Registration

Texas LTC Certification

This course provides Texas Certification for License to Carry for Pistol. This course discusses the laws associated with carrying a firearm concealed and open carry. We will discuss the do's and don'ts and what gadgets and equipment you will need to carry. This course will be 4-6 hours classroom and 1 hours on the firing range. For further registration information for this class, hit the hyperlink button below and it will send you to the USCCA registration page for the Texas LTC certification class. 

Situational Awareness Course - 

The Situational Awareness Course provides skills and information to make you more aware about your surroundings and detect behavioral anomalies in others so as to detect potential bad situations. The military and police use this everyday in their profession and now it is available to everyone. Situational awareness is learning the behavioral and social acts of people and being able to detect potential threats before they even act. Gaining extra seconds to minutes is the difference between escaping and having to fight for your life. This course is designed for ages from 12 and up. If you are one that stares at their phone in public, walk alone with ear buds in their ears, walk alone in dark areas alone, this course is for you. We will dig deep into situational awareness and the benefits of being aware of your surroundings. We will also talk about threats, and how bad people use situational awareness to hunt their prey. Most people use situational awareness and have no clue they are using it. Example is your waitress or waiter, have you ever started at them for just a second and they come to your table and ask you if you need anything. We will be real and show examples of no awareness to those who are aware. Register for this course as a parent and you can bring your teen or significant other for free.

Handgun Basics & Safety 

*This course will discuss the operation of your specific handgun. We will discuss the 4 international safety rules. We will disassemble, clean and assemble your piston in the class room and discuss gadgets and holsters and preventive maintenance required for your hand gun. We will discuss the international safety rules. There is no ammo allowed in this course. All firearms will be checked by the instructor prior to entering the classroom. Bring your cleaning supplies and holsters. We will then spend range time getting familiar with your firearm and trialing the LTC shooting portion of the state mandated test. NOW we have virtual range drills and practice training. Using SIRT (Shot Indicating Reset Trigger) training pistols, we can conduct drills to better pinpoint areas needing improvement with trigger press, grip, and sight alignment. We also use L.A.S.R (Laser Activate Shot Reporter) Software to provide feedback on your shots during drills! 

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Deadly Force & Non-Lethal Force

This course introduces the definition of lethal and non-lethal force. In a case you cannot escape and must use force to get to safety, understanding the transition from non-lethal to lethal force is important. We will look at scenarios that an everyday person could experience and making those quick decisions to determine your actions can have an affect on you and those around you. We will discuss deadly force, the actions leading and after using force. We will discuss the aftermath and when first responders come to the scene. This is especially important to understand since the police do not know you or others that maybe carrying and could mistake you as a threat. This 2-hour course will help you understand lethal and non-lethal force and what happens during and after an event.

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First Aid Fundamentals

Do you have the knowledge and ability to apply basic first aid fundamentals, and potentially save a life? There is nothing like freezing and wondering what to do when you, a family member, or even a stranger next you has a medical problem and you have no clue what to do.

This course provides you with the knowledge and practical skills to provide basic first aid until medical professionals arrives on scene. Those crucial minutes can decide life pr death. This course uses and provides you with the USCCA's training instruction, "Emergency First Aid Fundamentals" instruction manual and provides the basics from checking your safety and calling 911, to apply basic first aid methods to those needing your help. This instruction contains:


* Patient Assessment (Assessing Scene Safety, Additional Resources, Patient Awareness (AVPU scale), Assess Major Life Threats, Determining Spinal Immobilization, Assessing ABC's)


* Traumatic Emergencies (Severe Arterial Bleeding, Maintenance of a Severe Laceration, Penetrating Chest Injuries, Severe Burns, Musculoskeletal Trauma, Femur Fractures, Pelvis Fractures, Rib Fractures, Flailing Chest, Head Trauma, Eye Trauma)


* Medical Emergencies (Cardiac Compromise, Cardiac Arrest, Diabetic, Stroke, Seizures and Syncope, Anaphylaxis, Venomous Snakebites, Hypothermia, Heat Stroke, Airway Obstruction, shock)


* Building your own First Aid Kit (Buy or Build, Comfort Versus Lifesaving, Creating IFAC kit, Medium or Large Kit, Trauma Kits, other gadgets and gear, Ongoing Training)


Practical skill portion of this course includes:


CPR - using a CPR mannequin

Blood Loss - Using tourniquet, stop the bleed bandages

Diabetes - using a glucose meter

Breathing - using a O2 Oximeter

Other - using splints, and other bandages


This course is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to keep a patient alive and stable until medical professional arrive on scene or the patient is taken to a near by hospital. Cost of this course is $97 and includes lunch, and the USCCA Emergency First Aid Fundamentals instruction book. Register today!

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Developing a Personal and Home Defense Plan

This course assists you with developing self-awareness and defensive plans for you and your family. We will discuss situational awareness, how we view the world around us and the threats that can confront us. We discuss how to make us less of a target for threats, in parking lots, in malls and other structures. We discuss how to determine our actions, flee or retreat, or confront. We will discuss home defense and how to make plans so family members know how to react to home invasions or other threats. Where to meet, where to barricade you and your family. We will discuss when you use force and what force is best in the house with or without others in the home. Lastly, we will discuss the call to 911 and actions you do when the police arrive. This course is a 3-hour classroom only course.

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Defensive Shooting Fundamentals One

This course is a 2-part course. Classroom and shooting range. The classroom course covers “Training your mind and body to respond”. How our bodies react to startling situations and how we train by using those physical and psychological responses to determine our actions and follow through. We will discuss what our bodies do during a stressful situation. How to combat those situations so we are more focused in stressful situations. We discuss how our minds react from slow and fast motion, to remembering details of their and our reactions, example is how many rounds did you shoot? We will also go over the beginning, during and end of use of force to include calling 911, talking to the 911 operator, and when the police arrive. The small arms range portion will put you in a stressful shooting situation and do drills that will allow you to understand your reactions to stress. Classroom is 4 hours and Range time is 3 hours.

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