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Welcome to the Texas Defense & Firearm Training, LLC. website.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Instructor was very informative and answered all questions I had".

- Jeff J.

"My instructor was wonderful. He made everyone, regardless of skill level, feel comfortable and confident in his class. Any question was welcomed and answered competently. I would suggest everyone take this class".

- Matthew J. 

“I did not imagine how much information was out there to learn about situation awareness and concealed carry. Ted opened my eyes to a new perspective of defending myself and my family. His training is spot on.”

- Scott B.

"Good class covers a variety of topics and answered some legal questions".

- Kim C.

"I really never thought about the consequences of using force even in my own home. Ted and the USCCA provided great information about the before and after I have to defend myself. I am now a USCCA Member."

- Andrea B.

"I am new to all of this and am really glad Ted has courses that can teach me what I need to know in the use of firearms and how to protect myself".

- Lisa F.

"I have had experience with firearms for a long time and was impressed with the courses Ted has provided. Will definitely attend his other classes in the future".

- Elijah H.

Thank you Ted for the Home Defense and Concealed Carry course you provided. I was a bit pessimistic about the course but really it was very informative and practical. Everyone should attend this class.

- Brian K.

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